Video transcription

Hi my name is Samir Malik and I'm a tutor for middle school and high school students in the Austin, Texas area. Today we are going to discuss how to motivate students. Now motivating students is the key element in making sure that your tutoring sessions are successful. You need to insure that that student is motivated because if he or she is not then he or she will drift off and not focus on what exactly you are trying to work with him or her on. So now we ask ourselves how do we motivate students. Well one of the ways I do with my tutoring sessions is make the sessions interactive enough so that that way we are not always working on the same thing the whole time. We may spend ten minutes on math or fifteen minutes on math then we will move over to a science worksheet and spend about fifteen minutes on a science worksheet then we may switch back to math and work a little bit more on math, then we might move to a history essay or a history short story and we'll read that. So by moving around and working on different subject areas you are allowing the student to understand that they do not necessarily have to always spend a whole hour or a whole hour and a half on one particular subject so this also helps them focus a little better and keeps the tutoring session interactive enough so that you are not just focusing on that one stagnate topic which can get very boring at times for students and that may cause them to drift off and not focus very well on the topic that you are trying to cover so moving around with different subject areas, different topics will help them and taking breaks, ten minute breaks after each thirty minute session is also helpful. That gives them a little chance to unwind and then come back to the academics and just making it interactive and fun so that way the student is interested and sees the joy in learning and wants to succeed and doesn't necessarily feel that he or she has to succeed. It has to come from the student directly and it is a job in the role of tutors and teachers to motivate the students so that way they can achieve their academic goals.