Video transcription

Hi, I'm Erica in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to talk to you about how to change a diaper. The easiest way to change a diaper is to have everything next to you on a blanket. Lay a blanket out on the floor and make sure you have wipes, diapers, and diaper rash cream if needed, and have it all next to you. That way you do not have to get up and leave the baby. Once you lay the baby down, be sure to unchange them. Before you even take their diaper off, slide the clean diaper underneath with the sticky tabs facing up. Then, you will take off the diaper, wipe them if needed, and then you will put the front part up and take one of the tabs and unstick it and put the one side on and then you'll do the same thing to the other side. Make sure that it is not too tight, or it will make the baby hurt on their stomach. Make sure that it's not too loose. You should be able to put one finger--your index finger--between the baby's belly and the diaper. And that should be good.