Video transcription

Hi, my name is Shawn Jones, adjunct professor here at Argosy University. Today, we're discussing the topic of accounting and why it is needed. Basically, without accounting, a company or a business or organization isn't going to know or understand where it is from a financial perspective without its accounting department. Can you imagine being able to pay your employees or pay the bills that are needed or receive the money that the company has earned without knowing what bills to pay or how much money the company has to receive or how much it needs to pay its employees? Without the accounting department, there could be chaos. While some in marketing and other operation or sales functions may not see the accounting department as something that is needed, it is vital for being able to help managers and owners be able to understand where the company is at and where it needs to go from a financial perspective. For more information about this topic, please visit our website at There you can find our phone number or an address to come and visit our Salt Lake City campus.