Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson. I'm going to talk to you about how to clean aluminum siding. Now, one thing when we're dealing with aluminum siding, is it is a little susceptible to denting, so when we're using a pressure washer, we want to be careful that we don't use the high pressure tip. If you look at your pressure washer, it comes with this tip that is for soap applications, a low pressure nozzle. Then, we'll have a 40 degree, probably a 15 or 20 degree nozzle, and then a 0 degree nozzle, and of course, the lower the degree on your nozzle, then the higher pressure that you get, so when we're doing aluminum siding, we're going to stay away from the two top nozzles. We're going to use just the soaping nozzle, and then we're going to use the 40 degree, and that will be fine. Now, as you can see, aluminum siding overlaps and locks together, and you have various seams here that you'll have. Now, typically behind aluminum siding, there's not any water resistance, and the way this is designed, it's designed to shed water down, so when we're pressure washing, we don't want to pressure wash into these seams, and get any water behind the vinyl siding, nor do we want to pressure wash up, and get any water up in there, so you always want to be working down. The first step we're going to do, is we're going to soap an area, then if you have any areas that have a little bit of soil on it, you can use any kind of a scrub brush like this, to scrub the area, and then we'll come back, we'll swap nozzles, and we'll do our rinse, so we'll go ahead and do a quick demonstration now. Now, you notice when I was doing it, when you're washing, you always want to wash from the bottom up, and then you always want to rinse from the top down, and that way you don't get any residue on there. I'm Tim Gipson. That's how to clean aluminum siding.