Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to tell you how to make your home smell good. First and foremost, obviously, clean your house if it's dirty, that should help it smell good, the cleaning products that you use, obviously will make your house smell better. If you have a certain room of your house that may smell worse, like a mud room, where you keep gym shoes or back packs, sports equipment, things like that, you want to pour some vinegar in to a bowl, and just set it in that room. Normally, you know, you would fill the bowl up maybe half way. Set it in the room that usually gets smelly. The vinegar will completely eliminate the smell. It may smell like vinegar a little bit, maybe for a day, just a little bit, but it's so worth it, because it really gets rid of the smell. The vinegar will eventually evaporate, so check it every few days to make sure you don't need to refill it. Vinegar's very cheap. It's really a fix all when it comes to odors. If you want to go the extra mile and make your house smell good, there's lots of different recipes you can look up on the internet. One of my favorites is for around the holidays, or if you're having family over, if you mix apple cider, a sliced lemon, and cinnamon sticks. Pour the apple cider in to a pan, a sauce pan, slice up the lemon, throw the lemon slices in there, and then through three or four cinnamon sticks in there, and let it simmer, your whole house will smell so good. You can add some cloves if you want, it's really up to your own imagination. It depends on what you like. If you have any ideas that would go well with the cider and the cinnamon and the lemon, there really are no limits. Anything that you think smells good when you cook it, you know, anything that smells sweet, just simmer it on the, on the stove. Bake some cookies, anything. Pop some popcorn. There's really no limits to how to make your house smell good. I'm Rachel Yautzis, and those are some tips on how to make your house smell good.