Video transcription

Joel Hickerson, Today we're going to draw a Trojan Horse. First thing, think about the horse itself. Now this is going to be a very blocky horse because of course they hid people in this guy. Alright, so draw a big square for the horses body and maybe arc for the neck and another blocky square for the horses head. O.k., horse has four legs even when it's a Trojan Horse. Draw squares for that. So you now have your basic construction elements. Alright, now we're going to make it in to this horse. Curve the neck, and one thing very specific to the Trojan Horse was that it had a very bold mane. O.k., I'm going to draw the mane, forehead on the horse angling back to the cheek, o.k., four legs, alright. You're basically sculpting this as you draw. Hooves, not just hooves, they had wheels on this guy so they could pull him inside the fortress. Alright, so stocky legs, deep belly because this is where those guys were hiding. Tail, and again the leg in the back. Another wheel, hooves, o.k. Now what we've just drawn are the construction elements. Now we come back and we draw the finished art with a Sharpie or a dark pen, o.k., following the construction lines we want to keep. It's starting to shape up now, and get your wheels. O.k., and that's pretty much the horse. Like I said, it almost looks like a sculpture as you start finishing the guy off. And if you've done your job right, you can come back and erase these construction lines and end up with a good solid Trojan Horse. And that's how you draw a Trojan Horse.