Video transcription

Hi, my name is Stephanie from and I'm going to show you how to make perfume flowers. First thing you'll need is a small jar preferably glass that is large enough to fit the number of flowers that you have. The second thing you'll need is Everclear. It's a very high proof alcohol and the alcohol is going to absorb the essential oils from the flowers from the plant and this will make the scent of your perfume. What you want to do is fill your jar with the flowers and as much as will fit in the jar so you pack them as tightly as you can and you cover the flowers in alcohol in the Everclear and you let that sit about twenty four to forty eight hours and then after that period of time, you can open it up and smell it and the scent would have been absorbed into the alcohol. Then you'll filter that with a coffee filter and any remaining alcohol will be the perfume and you can add any sort of essential oils to this perfume.