Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stephanie from and I'm going to tell you how to start your own perfume business. Now, obviously you need to have already created some perfumes and now you want to market 'em to the public. You're going to need, first of all, to have your own kind of brand. It's important to have, have your own logo, have the name of your company. Something that's going to attract people and keep them interested in coming back to buy your perfumes. And you'll also need labels for your perfumes. You'll need bottles for your perfumes. You will need to have labels for your perfumes, but you also need to have names, original names for your perfumes. And you may also want to get these trademarked if that's possible. And, then you need to market them. You have to be able to sell them somewhere so I recommend getting a website. It might sound a little count, counter intuitive to be selling a scent all over the computer, but you can sell samples. Like I said, I'm from I've been selling my perfumes there on-line and doin', doin' fairly well so I encourage you to go at it and good luck.