Video transcription

Ben from The Cell Phone Broker in San Jose, California, and today I'm going to explain to you how to use a Blackberry cell phone. I have a Blackberry phone right here. Mine is a little bit older than the ones that are available now. So this is a older model Blackberry. The ones that are available now have a ball in the center that allows you to scroll through the menus. This one has a wheel on the side where you scroll through the menus. So, on all Blackberries, you can lock the device and have a password on it so that nobody else can get in there and get your information. So how you get in is my hitting the thumb wheel, and going to 'Unlock', and then you type in your personal passcode, and then you have several different icons right here that you can go into. Right here, I have 'Messages', which would be email and text messages. Next, I have 'Saved Messages'--saved email and text messages... 'Address Book', where I keep all of my contacts. And the cool thing about the Blackberry is that you can synch your address book and the calendar that is has on here with your home computer. It's very easy to do, you can do it with a Mac computer or a Windows computer. Like I said, very easy to do. Next, I have the wireless web browsing, the 'Internet Browser', so I can go on the internet and browse through web pages, go on my favorite social networking sites and so on. I also have a game called 'BrickBreaker'. All Blackberry phones come with this, it's a very fun little game. It has a little ball that you... it's kind of like Pong, it has a little ball that you bounce off bricks and break them. Down here I have my alarm. I have 'Pictures', so if someone emails me a picture, I can save it directly onto my phone to show people later on. I also have a 'Password Keeper', and what that does is it allows you to save some passwords in here and have a separate password so you can access those passwords. Then over here we have 'Profiles'. This is kind of one of my favorite features about the Blackberry device. If you go into here, you can customize the profiles. So right here we have loud, vibrate, quiet, default, and phone only. Phone only would allow you to only be able to use the phone and not the email or text messaging. And you can completely customize each one of these to have them vibrate a certain amount of times, or ring a certain amount of times, to have a certain ringer on different applications. I'm Ben from The Cell Phone Broker in San Jose, California. You can reach us at 408-526-0555 if you have any questions, or you can log on to our website at