How to Grow Potatoes

Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow potatoes or potat-oh's, however you want to pronounce 'em. But they're a staple and it's been used for centuries and they're easy to grow. So you can actually save your potatoes from the year before and or buy them any time of the year and pretty much wherever there's an eye, a new plant will grow. So you could actually plant this one whole, or cut it into pieces, and as long as you cut a little bit of the potato with thee eye, it'll start a new plant. And I have a theory, too. If you have potatoes in your cellar and your refrigerator that are starting to sprout, you might as well plant them if it's a mild time of year. Thee easiest way is to start 'em by seed in the spring, so they can be started whenever it's not freezing anymore, at least two weeks after the last freeze. Just start 'em out in good composter potting soil and to start 'em by seed or by potato. So potatoes grow a lot like tomatoes do, too. So they're almost like a vine and they'll come up and grow. So you can either put 'em onto a trellis, but it's much easier just to let them grow on the ground like you would a cantaloupe or a pumpkin, and they will just continue to make vines, and then they'll grow the potatoes under the ground. Whenever it starts getting a little bit colder in the fall, but not freezing quite yet, that's the best time to harvest them. So just dig 'em right out of the ground and either store them and eat them as they are or you can cut 'em into pieces right away and replant them if you live in a mild climate. But they can't handle heavy freeze. You'll lose them, so just start 'em in the spring if you live in a really cold climate, or you can start 'em in the middle of the winter if you live in a really warm climate. But potatoes are so easy to grow. You basically plant them and they will come.

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