Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow kidney beans. Now, kidney beans are such a wonderful type of bean, and they are great to grow, and they're so full of nutrients. And they're very easy to grow, and there's a few rules you just follow. The best way to start kidney beans is in the spring by seed, and you don't want to put them in the ground until it's sixty degrees and higher, and the ground is pretty warm. So you can start them indoors, if you live in a really cold climate, so you have a longer growing season, or you can wait until it's sixty and above consistently for a week or more, and then you can put them in the ground. And so you start them by seed and they'll grow very quickly. They like full hot sun and good drainage. They like lots of compost. Now they're a bean, so they're a vine, so you've got to give them something to grow onto. So whether it's just a couple of pieces of string, or a fence, or you make a teepee or trellis... anything you can let them grow up onto is great. Make sure and keep them watered well, they don't want to dry out completely, but yet they don't want to sit in water. So water them regularly but let them dry out in between, and then just let them grow. And you'll find, by late summer into fall, they'll start producing little beans. And you don't want to pick the beans right away. They're not like green beans where you pick them when they're still green. You wait for them to turn brown and really start drying onto the stem, and at that point you can take them off. So you don't want to take them off of the plant when they're still green. You want to wait for them to pretty much dry on the stem, and as soon as you cut them off, just cut the plant to the ground and compost the rest of the greens. Make sure and start them every spring by seed and that way you can have kidney beans in your garden each year.