Video transcription

Hi, my name is Reyonna Orr and I've been a stylist for more than ten years now. My shop is located at Eastpointe, Michigan. And I'm here to show you how to straighten African American hair without a relaxer. The most important thing to ensure you start with a clean dry head. You must ensure that your head is dry because if it is not dry you cannot only burn your scalp but you can burn your hair. So once you; you have, you have ensured that your hair has been cleaned and dried you can use an electric straightening comb. An electric ceramic straightening comb is what I suggest. You would start with the edges of the hair first. It is important to keep the hair as dry as possible. Oiling can be done once the straightening process has been complete. It is important that you pull the hair as far as away from; away from the scalp as possible. It is o.k. to ask the person to hold their ear if you're afraid that you might burn it. Straightening combs are generally very very hot. You move as close to the scalp as possible, push the comb all the way through and extend it all the way to the end of the piece of hair. You do this all the way around the parameter of their forehead. And then once you complete that you do this to their nape. Once the outside of the head has been done you can part individually to ensure that the hair is straight all the way through. The same processes follow to the end of the hair, until the job is complete. I'm Reyonna Orr and I just showed you how to straighten African American hair without a relaxer.