Video transcription

Hi this is Sammy. I'm at the Animal Care center in West Bountiful, Utah. I'm here to talk about how to groom a Yorkshire Terrier. We've got Gidget here with us to help us demonstrate today. Yorkie's can be cut to any length. A lot of times they're cut short for easy maintenance. You can use any blades ranging from a number 7 finish cut, to the longer attachment combs. Many times they're left long and flowing for a natural look. The ears can either be trimmed short, or left long depending on owner preference. A lot of the time, just the tip of the ear is shaved to give it a nice clean look. The top of the head is generally left longer than the rest of the body. The face can either be cut in a square blunt cut, or you can round the face for a more puppy cut. You want to trim in between the eyes with some thinning shears, being careful not to get the eye. Their legs should be kept round, and shaped with a number 40 blade in between the pads. Trim their nails as short as possible. On the ears, you can pluck them if necessary. Get a pair of hemostats and some ear powder, and you'll want to put the hemostats in there and twist it gently, until all the hair comes out. Yorkshire Terriers don't tend to get as mad as those other breeds, but they still need to be brushed out on a regular basis. You can use a slicker brush and a line comb to make sure that all of the tangles are brushed out completely. If you have any other questions, or you would like to contact us, please visit our website at