Video transcription

Hi, this is Sammi at Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, Utah. We're here today to talk about how to groom your Golden Retriever's. We've got our Golden Retriever Ruby here to help us demonstrate. When giving them a bath you'll want to make sure to rinse them out completely, and when you blow dry them you'll want to get all of the loose dead hair out to prevent any shedding. You'll lightly trim around the edge of their ears to give them a very clean appearance. For their feet, you'll want to trim in between their toes to give them a nice clean look, and you want to shave in between the pads with a number 40 blade, their tail can be left long and natural. You want to make sure when brushing them out with a slicker brush, you pay close attention to their chest as well as their thighs and their tails and behind their ears, because those are prone to mats. For a golden retriever you'll want to bathe them about once a month and brush them out weekly. If you have any questions contact us at