Video transcription

Hi this is Sammi at the Animal Care Center in West Bountiful, Utah, here today talking about how to groom a bichon frise. Bichons can either be hand scissored or clipped with the clippers on their main body. The blades range from a size 4 to any of the longer attachment combs. The necks on bichons are left slightly longer than the rest of their body. You'll want to blend that up into the top knot. The top knots are left round and broad. They hang over the eyes slightly. The ears on bichons should be level with the jaw line. You want to make sure that the feet are round and clipped clean in between the pads with a number 40 blade. The tail is left long and natural. You want to make sure to trim a potty path and shave the tummy with a number 10 blade. You want to make sure to trim in between the eyes with your thinning shears being very careful not to hurt the dog's eyes. You want to make sure that you brush them out daily, they are prone to mats. Make sure that their coat is free of any tangles or mats. If you want to contact us, please go online to