Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control and one of the questions we get asked quite often is, "How to get rid of blank ants"? Well first thing that we really need to do is to identify what type of ant you have. That's why we use the microscope. Microscopes are very handy in identifying what types of ants you have because what it can tell us is, if it's a carbohydrate feeding ant or if it's a protein feeding ant. Now what does that have to do with ant control? Well, when you want to control it, you have to know whether to bait an ant, which means you want to draw them to the bait or if you want to repel an ant or and get rid of the ants from a structure and we can do that through two types of products; either baits or repellants. And once we find out what type of ants it is, all we have to do is pick the right product to use and we can get rid of that ant. So it's very, very important that when you have an ant that you need to have identified, you can always take it down to your local pest control company and have them properly identify it and they can recommend the proper product for you. That way you're not putting something out that really doesn't need to be used in the environment. Of course you are listening to Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida; hoping you have a pest-free day.