Video transcription

How to tie a bow tie. Bow ties are beginning to become more popular. It has a lot to do with the fact that the urban prep look is moving in to the surface. So it's not for the regular old professors anymore. A lot of younger guys are starting to wear them as well. You start tying a bow tie like you would tie a regular shoe. Up and over, and you want the one that hangs over the top to be longer. You start by folding the bow tie in half, the big part of the bow tie in half and you just hold it up to where your knot is going to be. And you can already see the bow tie is start to take shape. When you do that there's a hole that's created on the side. The next piece is going to go through the hole that way. So you fold the big part of the second piece that goes over the top and just stick it through that back hole. So you have a double looped and a single loop, a single loop and a double loop. And to tighten the knot you hold both pieces and pull the part that's around the neck. Most bow ties come with adjustments that you can make on size in the back. So once you get the knot tied, you can adjust to make it tighter around your neck. And that's your bow tie.