Video transcription

Hi I'm Charles Boning and I'm the author of "Florida's Best Fruiting Plants". We are here today in Jene's Tropicals to talk briefly about how to grow a plum from a stone. Plum are called stone fruit because they have a hard dense pit inside. Now this pit needs to be stored at cold temperatures before it will germinate or germinate properly. This can be done in either of two ways. It can be planted outside in late Fall at about three inches depth in which case it will germinate the next Spring. However, if planted outside you may want to safeguard the stone against incursions by squirrels and you can do that with hard wire or with wire cloth or something to that effect. Also you can cold stratify the stones if you live in more Southern climes or if you want to plant a stone at some point other than in the Winter and you can do that by taking the stones, placing them in damp peat moss and sand mixture in a sealed plastic baggy and putting them at the bottom of your refrigerator. About six or eight weeks later they will have been cold stratified and they'll be ready to germinate and that is essentially how to grow a plum from a stone. I'm Charles Boning and thank you.