Video transcription

Hi my name is Eric Frsichhertz I'm a cardiologist in Austin, Texas with I'm here to answer the question what is the normal blood pressure range? The normal range for the higher end is 140/90 where 140 is the systolic blood pressure which is the pressure when the heart contracts and 90 is the diastolic pressure which is the pressure when the heart is relaxed. There is no lower range of normal. The lower range if generally based on symptoms so if a patient has what might be considered low blood pressure but feels normal we don't consider that to be abnormal for that person. If, however, the patient is symptomatic or feels bad because the blood pressure is low then that pressure is too low for that person. There is also a category called pre-hypertension which is relatively new which is a blood pressure range between 130 to 140 and between 80 to 90 which indicates that the patient is likely heading towards a diagnosis of hypertension and should be vigilant.