Video transcription

Hi I'm Becky Sosa with and I would like to talk to you about making your wedding veil. At first you may think this is a daunting challenge but it is not as hard as you think. The first key is to decide how you are going to want your hair and what type of veil you are going to want. For my wedding I definitely had my hair down and I wanted a little bit of a head band or crown. I bought this at the bridal shop and it matched my dress perfectly but it did not have the veil attached to it. All I did was on the inside I took hot glue across the back side and slowly pressed in the veil. Once the hot glue was dry I followed up with a few stitches to secure it in place. It was very simple and took me probably less than an hour to do including drying time. It has held together for years so I know this definitely works. If you are wearing your hair up in a bun you might want something a little more simple. This here is just a single layered veil and it is attached to a comb. All the veils that you buy have small little hooks in them. You just take the comb and feed it, the hooks into the comb. Make sure you don't catch the netting and slide it up. At this point you are going to want to take a needle and thread and sew between the comb catching the fabric of the veil to make sure it stays in place. Otherwise the comb could come out leaving the veil somewhere along behind you while you are dancing. This would just slide right into the bun or whatever style you have your hair. Again these are very simple. These veils can be picked up at your bridal salons or they can be picked up at craft stores in the wedding section at the craft stores and they are usually less than $10 or around the $10 price range. This is how you make your own wedding veil.