Video transcription

Hi my name is Becky Sosa with and I'd like to talk to you today about how to make wedding table centerpieces. Today we're going to start with a glass vase and some marbles. We're going to fill the vase about halfway up maybe just a little less with the marbles. Then we're going to take several different types of flowers. In this case we've got a hydrangea. This one's from the daisy family. Roses and I've always just called these fillers. We can use all of these flowers to make our arrangement. In this case I am using fake flowers but you can definitely use real flowers in the same process. Our hydrangea are our fullest flower so I'm going to put those down into the marbles at the bottom crisscrossing the stems slightly just to help give it a little bit of support. Our next larger flower are the roses so at this point we're going to want to put the rose sprigs in. And remember your centerpiece is going to be seen from multiple sides so when you're creating it, take the time to turn it around and make sure that every side looks good. You will take the time to play with it and adjust it to make sure it's just right. Add your brighter flowers or smaller filling flowers in at the end. Make sure they are catching into the marbles. Make sure the height is to your liking. There you've got a centerpiece. Add a couple of candles and you've got a very nice wedding table centerpiece.