Video transcription

When using a waterpik, there are several different things that one can do to make sure that they don't soak their self when using it to debride their teeth. Certainly one thing is when you look on your waterpik, whatever model you may have, there is typically a pressure gauge that will control the amount of pressure that's applied to the water and forced onto the teeth. And certainly the more pressure that you apply to the water, while it will provide a cleaner atmosphere, it will also provide more spatter and splatter. So make sure that you look at your pressure gauge because you can usually cut that down and that will minimize some of the spatter you get around the area. Certainly this is something that because it does spray a lot of water, it's something you want to do either in the shower or possibly over a sink to minimize the mess that you generate with the water. One of the other things that you can do too is certainly when you've got it inside of your mouth, what you can do is lightly close your mouth that way there's less deflection of the water out of the mouth while you're cleaning. But those are a couple of different ways that you can go in and make sure that you do it in an efficient way so that you're not generating a lot of mess. However it's important to consult your manual as each model is controlled a little bit different so important to look at your gauges and also review the manual and certainly contact your dentist or the manufacturer if you should have any questions about the device should be used.