Video transcription

If you're a smoker or know a smoker, you might have questions about what does it do to your appearance. I'm Dan Carlson, and I'm a nurse. Today we're going to cover how does smoking affect your appearance. First things first, it affects the skin by constricting blood vessels and decreasing oxygen flow to your certain cells of your body. So what that does is makes the thin a little bit skinner, more dry, kind of cracked. It doesn't get that blood flow that's necessary to it to keep it getting all the nutrients it needs. Another thing is yellow teeth. What you'll find is a lot of smokers have a lot of tar damage and gingivitis on their teeth, giving them yellow teeth and bad breath. All around, though, it generally affects the skin by making the skin weaker and more apt to wrinkles, cracking, and can also affect your ability to heal wounds. So that's another downside of smoking. But generally, it just makes a person look a little older than they usually are. It's considered smoker's face. Yellow teeth and bad skin. I'm Dan Carlson. Thank you very much.