Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mark and in this segment we're going to cover how to safely remove scratches from automotive paint. Most scratches in automotive paint is done in the clear coat, not the actual color of the car. And this can be quickly and easily filled. They have a lot of products out on the marker such as a scratch remover GS27 or a new finish Scratch Doctor. All of them work extremely well. What they're doing is basically we use the wax and polymers is filling in the scratch that was made in the clear coat and that just evens it all out, and makes the the scratch appear gone. And it fills in the blanks left by the scratch. A scratch of this nature that's just in the clear coat can be easily repaired. If the scratch is deeper than just a kind of white off colored look, like it just goes down and you see a brown or a gray color, that means that the paint has been scratched threw the paint itself and that's going to take a different type of repair. What you want to do is read the instructions thoroughly on whatever product you're using and follow those instructions in every detail. And sometimes you'll have to repeat the process. And this particular product they they ask that you shake it well and use a white damp cloth or excuse me a white dry cloth. And what I recommend doing is is they have you put a small amount in a cloth and then using a swirling motion you just continually swirling and filling in that scratch with the polymers and wax until it disappears. Wipe off the excess product and you're done. Prior to using it on a highly visible surface take a small you might have down underneath the car and test the product out where it's not likely to be seen. If it starts pulling up paint or you see the color of your car coming up on your rag, it's a little bit too aggressive for what you want to use it for. And just make sure it's not going to mono the the finish of your paint and discolor it in any way prior to using in any visible area. That's how you remove scratches, fine scratches from automotive painting.