Video transcription

Hi. I'm Noah. And today we're going to learn how to use torrents. Torrents are files which are used to be able to download some other files from various users all around the world. These files can be movies, programs, or any type of file really. But to use a torrent file which you download from some torrent database on the Internet, you'll need a torrent client. Once you've downloaded your torrent file from the torrent search site like IsoHunt, or let's say TorrentReactor, you'll find that you'll have a torrent file wherever you saved it after the download, for instance on your desktop, which will just have a randomly generated icon by Windows, which doesn't correspond to any program. Now if you put your cursor over it, you'll notice that it's a torrent file. However if you haven't installed anything on your computer to use that file you won't be able to own it, to open it or download whatever movie or other software or file that you wanted to download through the torrent. So for this you'll need to download a torrent client software. As an example let's try using uTorrent. You can find uTorrent on their official website, Once you're on the website, you can either go to the Download part of the site, or on the homepage just click on "Get uTorrent" if you're a Windows user. Then just select "Save File." Once you've downloaded the file, simply go to wherever it's saved, and double click on it to launch the installation. Then select "Run" if you have a message from Windows that pops up. Once you've chosen where the destination folder should be, and chosen your shortcut options and the installation menu, simply click on the "Install" button. For the question, "Would you like to make uTorrent the default torrent application?" you can select "Yes" as this will make the next steps easier. Now if you don't know your speed, you can run a speed test. But if you already know the settings, just select whatever speed you'll be using, for example 2 megabits per second. And then select "Use Selected Settings." You're now ready to use uTorrent to open your torrent file and start your download. To do this, you can simply minimize the program, and double-click on your torrent file which you'll now notice has taken the uTorrent icon. Then you can simply select which files from the torrent you wish to download, in this case let's say all of them, and click "OK" and your download will start.