Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to show you how to zigzag part your hair. It's really easy. You're going to want to take a comb, and this is a teasing comb. You could, if you, everyone's got one of these, you would just want to use this point or you could use one of these ends. Basically you're're looking for a fine point. You place the thee a comb on the scalp and draw a zigzag. Lift the hair up and what you'll see is a little hole there, you'll want to just pull your finger through, and that's how you get your zigzag part. The larger the zigzag, the larger the part, the more hair you'll pull from one side to thee other. Now one of the great ways, or one of the reasons why you would do this is it's going to give you a lot more volume, so as you see here on this model, she's got a lot more volume up here. Another thing it's going to do is it'll also hide roots. So if you're a blond, and you know, you've got some new roots coming in, new new growth, it'll help hide those and help mask that a little bit. Let's say you're having a hard time and you're not quite getting the whole zigzag thing, another technique is just to part your hair down the middle, and just grab hair from either side. So it's going to give thee effect of the zigzag but you don't have to worry about actually drawing a zigzag and figuring out you know, where the hair's going to fall. So you see, I kind of got the same type of look by just pulling hair from each side of the head and pulling it over. And you can even do a little bit of teasing. That'll help hold it a little bit more. So that's a, just going to give you a lot more body and volume on top of your head. And that's how you do a zigzag parting.