Video transcription

Good afternoon. My name is Tom Brintzehofe, certified master mechanic from Redding, Pennsylvania and today we're going to talk about how to clean corroded aluminum rims. Now, the easiest part about it is you want to grab yourself some steel wool and some penetrating oil, sort of like WD-40. There's a lot of different products out there you can use -- PB Blaster, Knocker Loose, all that kind of good stuff. But once you find yourself a section of your rim, and this one unfortunately isn't that corroded, but you take this and you spray it on your rim here pretty good. You let it sit for about five or six minutes. And I'm going to pretend this is steel wool, but unfortunately, I didn't have any at the moment, but you rub this penetrating oil back and forth with your steel wool. It'll break most of that corrosion loose. You'll probably have to do it four or five times until you get it all off. But once you get it all broke loose, wash it down pretty good. Make sure you wipe it all off here. Try not to spray it in inside on your rotor. That makes for stopping pretty difficult. But once you get it all wiped off, you can hose it down with a garden hose or anything to that nature. Like I said, once you get it all off here, it should come out pretty smooth. You're still going to have your pits and stuff inside your rim, but other than that, that's all there is to it to clean corrosion off aluminum rims.