Video transcription

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic out of Redding, Pennsylvania and today we are going to talk about what is the problem if you have water in your oil. Now unfortunately that is not something you really ever want to come across. It is usually a lot of major internal engine problems but there is an easy way to check and you pull your dipstick out here. If it looks like it is a chocolate milk shake that is usually not a good sign. Usually the causes of that, there is usually a few causes of it. One might be a cracked block and the other might be a blown head gasket. Unfortunately what happens on the inside of your engine. If your head gasket in here blows the coolant is pushed into those little ports up inside your head where the oil and antifreeze flow to keep it cool and keep it lubricated and usually when a head gasket will blow the two of them will mix and that is usually your main cause of why you have water in your oil. The other alternative you might have is a crack in your engine block. It is very rare to have that happen but if it does happen you could get that also. Now there is a couple motors out here like the Quad 4 that has an accumulator in the front sort of like a breather and if that breather gets clogged and that is only on the Quad 4. If that breather gets clogged up it will build condensation inside the motor so that might be tricking you into thinking you have a bad head gasket when you do not. The easiest way to tell is you are going to have to take your vehicle to a garage and have them take a look at it and tell you what your problem is, head gaskets, cracked block or whatnot but unfortunately those are about the only two things that you will come across that will give you water in your oil.