Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment we're going to talk about growing sunflowers in pots. Now sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers you can have in your garden. They're so cheery and so beautiful. And they're easy to grow whether you place them in the garden or you put them in a container, there's really no difference. So let me show you a few tricks. This variety right here is really easy to grow. You just start the seeds in the spring and they'll come up and bloom at the same summer and give you lots and lots of flowers. Then you turn around and save the seeds again and you either plant them in the fall or plant them in the spring for the next year. So sunflower seeds are pretty simple to use and inside of the outer coating there is a seed inside. And so I just leave them totally as together because they'll grow right out of the seed; right out of the seed covering. So there's just a little seed. So you leave them though in the covering or you can separate them, it really doesn't matter they should grow either way. And so easy way is to grow them right into the pot, you just put them one or two inches deep into your pot. But I have had more success by starting my seeds inside in a bag. So I just put them right into a paper towel and I get that wet. And it stays wet and I just keep watering it, and I keep checking on it every couple days and they'll start little shoots. Once they got the little shoots you just put them right into your container with the little shoot coming barely coming out of the ground. Keep them moist. But not too wet at the same time and never let them dry out at the same time. And it's a really easy way to grow them. You can also put them into a seed starting tray. And you just put the seeds in there and with nice seed starting mix. And as soon as you got a start you can put them right into the pot. But you know sunflowers are so easy to grow and they're really hardy. So if you just put your seeds right into the pot, out in outside in April and May, and keep it moist, you'll find your sunflowers will grow right away. And the trick is keep them in a sunny hot, sot sunny spot, water them well but let them dry out in between and make sure that you don't need fertilizer, you don't need insecticides. You just need good composted soil. And they should bloom all summer. And in the fall they will make seed pods and so when they turn to seeds save those seeds so you can start them again the next spring, and you can enjoy them the next summer.