Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about Snapdragons. Also known as Antirrhinum Majus. Now snapdragons are found all over the southern European areas. So they like the Mediterranean area and they can handle quite cold temperatures and they are hardy all the way down to zone seven to ten. So they can't handle real heavy, heavy freezes but slight freezes are just fine and they'll survive. But they are still treated as an annual in most places so you just start them by seed in the spring or and then let them bloom all summer long and then when they die back in the fall, you just cut them off and just start them by seed again in the spring. So you can either collect the seeds and start them yourself or just get new seeds for the spring. But I love snapdragons, this one is, it's November and it's still producing some blooms and I love the fragrance of snapdragons. They smell kind of like bubble gum. And they just fill up the whole area and they come in every color but blue. So they are really easy to grow as an annual. So I just start them every year in the spring, they make a great cut flower too. And just one stem in your house and your whole house well smell just glorious. They are a great annual for your garden.