Video transcription

Hi I'm Noah and today we are going to learn how you can download movies on line and then review these movie files either on your computer or on your dvd player or on your TV and one thing to really remember is that downloading copywrited material is illegal and apparently immoral so please don't do it. This is in no way an encouragement to do so. We are simply going to show you how to use torrent files to download all kinds of movies from the internet using torrent programs like utorrent. The first thing you need to be able to do in order to download movies on your computer is to download the necessary software for downloading torrent. A very easy to use program for downloading torrents is utorrent to download for free. To download it simply type in and you can download a simple version from their website for free. Simply save the installation file to your desktop, select desktop and keep the file name utorrent. Once the download is complete simply close the download window and find the file on your desktop. Simply double click to install, click run then select the necessary options which you want meaning the start menu entry, the quick launch icon or desktop icon, click run and allow permission Windows to run the program. Since this will probably be the only torrent application you will be using you can go ahead and let utorrent become your default torrent application. When the program runs for the first time simply select your internet connection type. If you are not sure of this you can run speed test by simply clicking the above button. Once you have selected the settings, just click the bottom right button to continue. Now that you have gotten the software installed you can close the software for a moment and go back to a torrent search site. One of the main torrent search sites is Once on this site you can simply type in the name of any movie you wish to download and then click search. You will be directed to a list with all kinds of different torrents for that movie and you can select them based on user reviews of the quality and whether or not they might contain viruses is something to be very careful when you download content from the internet. Once you have chosen a torrent that is right for your movie you can simply download it and save it to your desktop.