Video transcription

In this segment I'm going to discuss connecting two computers to a wireless connection. You're going to need a wireless router like this one here by Linksys. This will plug into your main computer and send out the signal throughout your home or apartment. The one thing I want to mention is that it has to be two computers of the same type. You have to have two PC compatible computers, basically, running windows, or two Macintosh computers. You can't really mix and match. It doesn't work with a Mac and a PC through the same router. They won't communicate together. What you need on your individual computers; if you have a desktop computer you need a wireless card such as this one here which plugs into your your motherboard, and this will send and receive the signal through the wireless router. If you have a notebook or laptop computer then you, either your manufacturer will have installed a USB receiver, or you can purchase one like this at your lick local electronics store. This plugs into your USB jack on your computer, and this will send the wireless and receive the wireless connection from your wireless router.