Video transcription

Let's take a look at how to find the slope on a ramp. So, here would be our ramp. It's something your textbook might be asking. It's something we see a lot in textbooks. So when we speak about the slope of a ramp, a lot of times people get confuse. But we're really just telling about the same slope that we use on accordment plan or that you use when you talk about y=an x b, where that's the slope. So it's the same slope and slope is rise over run it just says how much did it go up and how much did it go over, that's all. It's as simple as that. So let's say on this ramp it was 6 feet tall and it's 14 feet long. And when we say 14 feet long, we don't mean the actual ramp, if you measured with the tape measure; but from where it's starts to where it ends, the distance is 14 feet here. So the slope of this ramp would be rise, how much does it go, 6 and how much does it go over, 14. So the slope would be 6 over 14. And of course any time you can reduce you should, so we can divide this by 2 and that by 2; 6 divided by 2 is 3; 14 divided by 2 is 7. So we'd say the slope of this ramp is 3/7. So it goes up, for every 3 feet it goes up, it goes over 7 feet.