Video transcription

Okay, now we've got the trim piece in, which is going to set where our reveal's at, mark over and find our reveal and, right at one inch, and the reveal, that's where the molding, door casing to the inside of the door lip is, that's what they call the reveal, and it's going to be at one inch. I'll mark that up here at the corner. And I'll put a couple marks in the middle just to make sure I get it good and straight up and down. And then if I put the board in, we cut the casing real tight and refit it real tight before we put the new door in, but after I put this in and line it up with my reveal mark, then I can put in some shims behind it as necessary to make sure we keep the molding out to reveal line, and that's how we'll go through and align it. Now, we'll do the other side mark real quick, then I'll mark across the top, and then we'll install the top molding of the door casing first because, as it was put together, it was laid in this way and the two side pieces were stood underneath. So I'll just quickly mark this around and then we'll install the top piece of door molding. Now we'll just do the same thing over here. This is where a tri square would work real good, just square down and mark off. I don't have time to get one right now. I'll just measure back from one inch and a quarter to a quarter inch. And you get a little mark there and one up at the top. And now that you've got that set, to get the top mark, oops, that's the top piece. Since these are already pre-cut from the last installation, our top reveal will be done by the length of these boards. So I'm going to mark that one off, come down and I'll do the same thing over here. Okay, now that we've went around and marked our reveal all the way around, we'll know exactly how to and where to install the boards, we'll go ahead and close this out. Please watch our next segment. We'll start with installing a top interdoor case.