Video transcription

In this segment we are going to cover removing the door panel. We have reoved the fasteners with the exception of one that I have got and we are just kind of holding it in place but prior to pulling the door out we are going to go ahead and remove this interior door panel and that is going to lighten our load for us considerably. To get it off the tracks all you have to do is lift it up so that you release the wheels and that will allow it to slide up into a dead air space at the top and give you access or clearance to pull the door out this way. If the door is too heavy for you to lift up you can accomplish the same thing by using a couple of flat bars or pry bars and prying up on the bottom of it. You want to pay careful attention to your interior molding if you need to do that and you might want to put a backer board down so when you pry it doesn't do any damage to the wood below. I'll give it a shot first just lifting it now. We are getting a little teetering action so I'm going to lift up one side and then prop it and then I can go to the next. On this particular application we ran into a little bit of clearance issues so what I did is remove the set screw in each corner and this allows you to turn the adjustment cam for the wheels and that pulls the wheels all the way up into the frame which gives us the clearance necessary to get the door out. Generally we just want to slide it out and get it out of position and then we are going to use two men and carry it out and properly dispose of it. Keep watching our next segment and we'll cover removing the door jam.