Video transcription

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tom Roland and we are at Cottonwood Motor Sports and I am here to tell you about doing a service on a Polaris Quad and this is fairly representative of macho, many of them. Over here you have your speedo and your rear reverse override switch. Your reverse override switch in a Polaris when it is in reverse, the vehicle when you go over about 3 miles an hour backwards, the motor will start cutting out and running back. If you need full power, say you are trying to back out of a ditch or something, then you can push this button and it will override that function and allow you to have power. Also you have a kill switch. Both sides are off, the middle is on, you have your headlight and have your off, your low and high beams and part of the service is to check and make sure that all of the lights are working right. You have brake lights that work off of the pedal and off the handle over here and you also have high beams and low beams and you have taillights also. All those need to be checked to make sure they are working and not broken. Also on the Polaris's, you have on the speedometer up here, it is a multi-function speedometer instrument head and it has different functions. It has a tact function, a trip meter function, it has an overall odometer function, it has an hour meter function and it also has emergency lights built into it such as the check engine light, battery not functioning, charging system not functioning and has a gas gage built into it, there is a light for the speedo and on some of the units, the needle will actually start flashing when there is a problem that is important enough to worry about. Also it has a resettable function for service intervals. If you set the service intervals on it say at 50 hours and say that service interval at 50 hours comes up, then it will start flashing the wrench and the wrench will come on and let you know that it is time for service. Some people not only think that the wrench is a problem. The wrench is not a problem. It is just telling you that it is time for service. If it was set for 100 hours, it will comes on a 100 hours worth of use after a service and it is completely resettable. All the information on that and what that does in the Owner's handbook and unfortunately, most people don't read the Owner's handbook and it would be a good idea if they did.