Video transcription

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Tom Roland and we are at Cottonwood Motor Sports and I am here to tell you about doing service on a Polaris Quad and this is fairly representative of macho, many of them. On the other side of the bike, same thing. Pull the other side panel off and same deal. It fits in the grooves, set it aside. It's the same side the drain plug is on. The 500 Polaris's has to have the valves adjusted periodically. They call for it every 100 hours. It's in the service manual and this cover up here, the valve cover up here, has a ring of bolts around it. I think there is 9 and underneath that there are 3 screw and locknut adjusters. There is one for the exhaust and two for the intake and on Polaris', the motor has to be of top dead center on compression and the three screws have to be set at 6,000 clearance. All Polaris' are basically 6,000 clearance. On the 500 Polaris, they have to have the valves adjusted and the valves are underneath this cover and there is a ring of bolts around the top of it; 8 millimeter head bolts and underneath there and usually you have to replace the gasket when it comes off too because the gasket usually will tear. Not always. There are four valves underneath this motor per cylinder and there are also two rack arms but there is four adjusters and each valve gets adjusted as a screw and locknut adjuster and they all get adjusted at 6,000 clearance which is pretty standard for most all Polaris engines. They are supposed to be done at 100 hours and it's in the maintenance book and it is really fairly important that it needs to be done. Something that happens is people go, I didn't hear the valves. Well that's the problem. Most valves don't get looser these days. They generally get tighter and when they get tighter, they cause more problems than when they are loose. When they are tighter, they don't make any noise and people think they are okay and that is a common misconception that people have as far as valves are concerned. That needs to be taken care of and that is fairly important.