Video transcription

Hi, this is Mark Kneeskem on behalf of Expert Village and in this clip, I'm going to show you how to ink your screen print. This is the fun part of screen printing because you get to see your first print come out and you get to scream and giggle in glee as you realize how perfect it is. First you want to lay down your colors and you can use just one color, you can use black, you can mix up colors, you can do it any way you want. When you swipe your squeegee across the screen, you want to do it fairly firmly but not too hard and do it two to three times. If you're doing stripes, go in the same direction each time that you swipe. Each screen print will be different and you should celebrate this because it's one of a kind art work. The color of the shirt will affect the color of the print. It will mix with whatever colors you put down on your screen and so just experiment with this and have fun with it. If you, on the first screen, if you happen to have a disaster and something are messed up, just stop and start over. You're going to have to cut a new screen, a new stencil, that's okay, you know, at least you realize that and stop before you ruin all of your shirts. Just make sure you don't use too much ink because you don't want to waste it. You don't really need tons of ink when you do this. The first shirt will take more ink than the others and so you want to make sure you have a decent amount for the first shirt but beyond that, you don't need too much ink. And that is how you ink a screen print.