Video transcription

Alright, next step is putting on the drive pulley. So he pulls the center bolt out of the crank shaft pulley, the harmonic balancer, and he'll take the serpentine style crank shaft pulley and put it on there. It's held on first with that main bolt, then there's three small ones that go around there. They show you which bolts to use for each step of the job. It's a pretty good kit we get from them. So there's the three smaller bolts that go around there on the drive pulley. This is a pretty good quality kit. Buying stuff from GM usually works out well. Don't be surprised if you're doing an installation yourself, you may find you have to shim things. Pulleys won't line up, brackets don't fit exactly right, you have to hog out the holes, it's not your fault it's the industry, it's just how it works. That main center bolt, the torque is critical on that one, that's what's actually holding the harmonic balancer in place. So Mark has the torque wrench, he's set the torque to the manufacturer specification, and he's going to tighten it down here. Now we've got the engine turning, before he gets enough torque on there so he put the car in the air and now with his left hand he's got the fly wheel tool, he's holding it still and then he can grab the torque wrench and tighten it up.