Video transcription

Now we are going to talk about the different size of bobbers that we use for trout fishing if you are fishing on top of the water. These are some of the bobbers, notice the colors are different. This is a plastic, this is a cork. This is all cork bobbers, this is a, I call this a buoy bobber. These are pretty good. It's just depending on the sun, the weather and the glare, I like to use a bright bobber like this one or this one so I can see it and it maneuvers properly. This is a good bobber too, when the fish bites it, it's easy to go under water and resistance. This is a plastic bobber. This is good for catfish and bigger fish and this is another one I use for trout. It floats just similar to this and you see it goes up and down or this way. The small ones are more sensitive. The smaller they are, you'll see it go deeper in the water. The bigger they are, it floats more and it won't sink all the way down. I like to use the smaller one for a small fish. They take it under water, giving the freedom to take the hook, and the line, and the bait and then I'll just set the hook. So it just depends what you like to use.