Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ed Reyes with Master Builders here in Tampa, Florida on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to teach you the proper use of an electric scroll saw. Now this saw has a reciprocating blade on it and it is just one long thin blade. It has 2 holes, one on top and one on bottom. The way you change the blade is there is a black knob here and there is also a black knob here on the bottom. They are little plastic knobs so you would unscrew them or un-tightened it on both sides. This knob back here releases and it brings it down so that the blade is not tight anymore, loose and you would pull the blade out towards you, up and away. If you will notice there is a section right here on the top part that is indented that allows that blade to come forward and come out. When you install a new blade, it is just the same process but backwards. You are going to install the blade in and into the unit and you hear it click in that little area and you tighten both sides top and bottom. The important thing about installing this bade is you always need to make sure that the teeth are facing down. You do not want the teeth facing up. If the teeth are facing up, the blade will bind up on you and will more than likely break. So always remember when you install the new blade, that the teeth are facing down and that you make sure you have it inserted into your little notch and tightened on both top and bottom.