Video transcription

In this series, we're talking about bamboo. In this segment specifically, how to divide your bamboo. Whether clumping or runny, bamboo multiplies pretty quickly. It's easy to divide again so that you can start new plants. There are a few simple tips that I can give you to make it a little bit easier. First off, when I divide anything, I try to put some plastic down or newspaper down, or anything that I can clean up easier after I'm done. Then when I've got a pot, for example, this is a fargesia. It's a clumping bamboo, so it's not going to send runners everywhere. It doesn’t multiply quite as quickly, but it's easy to divide. I just take it out of the pot and kind of separate some of the dirt. Pretty much it's still a grass. Bamboo is a grass. As long as you've got some root and some start, you can make a new plant. When dividing your bamboo, you can use scissors or a knife, or try to pull it apart. I found the easiest way to divide any type of plant that's really in a clump is to use your power drill with the wood boring bit. It makes it really easy. I just make sure that there's a section that has greenery and root, and I just take my power drill and keep going up and down. Just by separating it a little bit from the rest of it, it comes right apart real easily. Now I have 2 sections. How easy is that? In the next section, we'll talk about how to plant your bamboo.