Video transcription

and I represent my company, Abstract Frames and Supplies Private Limited, Kolkata, India. I will now explain to you how a canvas is to be framed. This is the canvas. A canvas is basically like a thick cloth. The canvas is measured, the amount that is to be shown, as you will see. Then, the inside wooden structure is made. The structure has provision for slips inside. The canvas gets loose, as you will see. Then a small wedge can be sent inside these slips to make the canvas tight again, because the tighter the canvas is, the better it will show in the front. Once we have measured the canvas, we will make this wooden structure to the portion of the paining that is to be shown. The canvas is usually a little longer. The artists leaves a little blank space all along, so that space is done and again stapled to the wood. Once it is stapled to the wood now the canvas has been stretched on a inside frame. Then, the outside frame, whatever frame you choose, place the canvas in the ripper of the frame, and as you see the frame is sitting on the inside box of the canvas. You can tape it, or you don't have to tape it, but it is better to tape it so no dust is going to the canvas from otherwise the dust will go and sit on the ledge of the frame. Only the canvas is visible from the front and it is stretch. If it were not stretched, then there would be waves and it would not look good. It is important to give it some tension, and as I showed these slips in the inside frame, a small piece of wood can be inside there to tighten the canvas after a few years, because there is every possibility that the wood might shrink and the canvas might become loose. Thank you.