Navigating Street View in Google Maps

Video transcription

MAN: So now, I'll show you to navigate street view. You want to make sure you turn it on right here, and you'll know it's on because any street that have street view available have a little blue outline now. And how you go somewhere is you can just click and drag this little guy and place him down somewhere and it brings up the street view. And I can go around this in 360 degrees by just clicking and dragging, and go up, down and around. And you can zoom in up here by clicking zoom in or zoom out. Actually, it just zoomed right out. And just like in the Maps, if I double click that will also zoom in, and I'll just zoom back out. And you can see this is actually the line that the street view follows. This is the street, and it gives you a little direction right here what street you're on and these little arrows. So I can move up and down the street by just clicking on these arrows. Another way to move up and down the street is hitting the up and down key on the keyboard. It actually makes things a lot easier. Now while you're on the keyboard, if you hit the right and left arrows, you'll go around. And there are also these arrows up here to turn around that I find dragging, and using the right and left arrows on the keyboard is the easiest way. And one other thing you can do in the street view window is go to full screen and it's a little bit blurry but it's pretty cool. So that's how you--if I want to go back to the regular screen, I would just click like that. And then just to go to different locations, I can just navigate around in the street view itself or I would just drag or drop this little guy to go somewhere and instantly go there. So that's how you navigate street view in Google Maps.

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