Video transcription

My name is Elizabeth Muller from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida and today we are showing you how to do color on relaxed hair. I have went ahead and opened it up just a little bit like this but notice it is just on the very ends of her hair. I am going to spin her around and clean the chair later but I am going to show you how I opened that up. It is going to neutralize some of the red out of her hair and it is going to give her still warmth because she had warmth in it to begin with and our natural seal has a little bit of that yellow tone in there so your base is in knowing your primary color chart is important to get your color and that is for sure. I chose something that had some warmth to make sure that it matched her hair color and that she is going to have a good color overall and that I was able to go ahead and match that color. When you are doing color that is a really important thing to look through your color chart, to know these colors by heart and to go ahead and math it properly to the person's skin tone