Video transcription

And today I’m going to talk to you about what you should do if you can’t find the driver CD that came with your printer or you bought a printer second hand and you don’t have any software for it. Most often manufacturers include software on their websites free for download that allow your printer to work with your system, so check your manufacturer’s website, Usually it’s like for Cannon printers or for Hewlett-Packard or do a quick Google search for your manufacturer. Right here we have the Cannon website, we’ve gone to their download library, which gives you access to all product downloads, and software downloads for things like printers and camcorders. We’ve picked our printer model from a list and we have some options. What we’re going to choose here is drivers and software. This opens up a window that pretty much let’s you choose your operating system and the proper driver that you would need to download. After you’ve downloaded your printer’s driver, you’ll have a file that’s a disk image on your desktop. Double click this and it’ll open up a new folder on the desktop that’s got your package for your driver installation along with various documentations in multiple languages. So double click the installer package and that’ll begin the installation process for setting up your printer with your system.