Video transcription

Hey! My name is Kyle Hodge and today I am going to be explaining to you how to un-install and install motherboards. Last thing is removing the heat fan off the processor and then removing the processor itself. The heat has a latch here where you can unlatch by lifting this up, just like that. After it is unlatched, you can remove on the top side where it is connected to 2 or 3 plastic pins. After you remove the fan and heat, the next step is taking out the processor. The processor is located here and you will notice that there is a little metal bar and a little of locked and unlocked. When the bar is down, the processor is locked into place and secure. When you push this bar up, it is now safe to remove the processor. There you go. The last step is to unscrew all 9 screws that are holding the motherboard to the case. After that, the motherboard may be removed from the case and set aside. Now that you have removed the motherboard from the case, you can go ahead and put it in a box or give it to a friend, sell it on Ebay or whatever you want to do with it. Guess what, you won't need it any more. Here is the new motherboard but before you install this there is one last thing you have to do. Remove the back plate that was configured for the old motherboard. You can just simply push it up like that and pop in the back plate for the new motherboard.