Getting Babies to Latch for Breastfeeding

By laine podell-camino
laine podell-camino

Laine Podell–Camino MA, CLE, CIIM, is the owner of A Mother’s Haven. She has Masters Degrees in Parent-Infant Education, and Deaf Education. She has studied and taught Early Childhood Development and Education since 1991. Prior to opening A Mother’s Haven, she was with Los Angeles Unified School District educating parents of young children for more than a decade. She worked with families of hearing-impaired infants in the areas of parenting, child development and language development in group and one–to–one settings. Additionally, Laine has been an Adjunct Professor at California State University in Northridge, teaching Early Childhood Special Education and Deaf Education graduate students for the Special Education Department.

Laine became a Certified Lactation Educator through UCLA after experiencing her own challenges to breastfeed her son, Zachary. Zachary had been given many bottles during his brief stay in the NICU and was not latching on to the breast properly.

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