Video transcription

I am talking about how to give your baby a bath. Now, in the bathing sequence I did not go over how to specifically wash the baby's genitals. Now, I didnt really want to show Aiden's on camera just because I want him to have some privacy later on when he grows up and everything and those videos probably will be on the internet forever, so who knows. Anyway, so what you need to do with a baby girl is just use regular soap and water. Make sure you get everything out of all those little creases down there and just make absolutley sure that you go from front to back. You dont want to introduce any of the anal bacteria into the vagina because that can cause many different infections and everything and that is not good. Little boys that are circumcised you also need to make sure to get into all the little creases. Now the shaft kind of wrinkles up and is up against the bottom of the head and that area can collect bad stuff from inside the diaper so you want to make sure that you kind of pull down the wrinkled side so that you can get in that area and make sure it's clean and then afterwards make sure it's completley rinsed out and dried. As far as an uncircumcised little boy, what you need to do there is you cant pull down the foreskin until after that area is actually seperated off the head. Now, once that happens you do need to kind of take the foreskin down a little bit and make sure that that area down in there is clean because it can collect a substance known as smegma. So, but before the foreskin seperates dont try and force the foreskin down because that could be very painful. Other than that just make sure you rinse well and pat dry very well afterwards.