Video transcription

If you notice, all I’ve done is just basic lines. Now I can use this as a tool with the board now, I can play around with moving around; figuring. Where I want put that. Where if I hand sketched it on there the first time, then I may have difficulties because I may want to move it and it makes it hard. So this way I can move it around to figure out where I want it on the board. Right here, I’ve decided that I want it right over in here. Now that I’ve decided where I want to put my image, I need to transfer the image to the wood itself. I recommend getting a graphite paper, putting it behind there and tracing over the image. I recommend do not get carbon paper because carbon paper leaves a blue line and sometimes in burning, particularly if you’re using really light colored woods, it has a tendency to put a stain in that, which you want to avoid that. Or, you can do this the old fashioned way, get yourself, I have this case of HB pencils and just go through and lightly color the back lightly. Okay, now that I’ve done this, I’m ready to transfer my picture. I place this on the paper, get it in the position that I want. Then, just start tracing over the lines that I’ve already drawn. You need a firm pressure, not too piled because I do not want to put an indentation in the wood. You just slowly go over the existing lines; this is just a guideline that we’re putting on there right now. Okay now that I’ve just finished up tracing it on there, we’re ready to lift the image off, but as you put the image on there, occasionally move it back and forth to make sure that the image is transferring the way you want. Now that I’ve taken this off, as you can see there’s really light lines, it may not even picked up, but its light enough for me to work from. And from that, I can start my wood burning. I don’t want the lines too dark because if you get them in there too dark, you actually start etching on to the wood and you don’t really want to do that. So right now that we’ve got an image transferred on there, it’s time to start wood burning.